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Daniel Koger lives in Brasov |  M4 Sport

Daniel Koger lives in Brasov | M4 Sport

Hungarian national ice hockey player Daniel Koger will also play for SK Brasov, which is interested in the top flight, next season.

The 33-year-old striker signed with Transylvania FC last year. He collected 23 points (9 goals, 14 assists) in 24 games in the regular season, then 11 (6, 5) in 12 games in the playoffs.

Cougar was a member of the national team that participated in the Elite World Championship last May and was also leaving there. He took to the ice in three matches in Tampere, but did not score any points. The striker played 108 matches with the national team and scored 47 points (17, 30).

“Last year we signed for an extra year, and now we got this extra year back. I felt good, and I was happy to be back. The team, which is also a championship contender, stays together. “In the semi-final, we didn’t have our work done with Gergio, and we lost in The seventh game, in extra time, and now we want to finish on top.” – said Koger to MTI, who completed 11 weeks of serious summer fitness training.

“I feel very strong, we trained with two of my teammates, Janos Hari and Bence Stepsic, and I was also on the ice in Fehervár. I’m looking forward to this season!” he added.

The Brasov resident also announced that they had agreed on a joint continuation with Canadian Connor Sills. The 28-year-old striker arrived at Corunna in November and made 19 appearances in the regular season, scoring nine goals, providing three assists and earning a penalty kick in 103 minutes. In the playoffs, he scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 12 matches.

Cover Photo:
Istvan Terbok, Daniil Koger, Igor Merezhsko, and Eduard Zaharsenko in a Hungarian-Ukrainian preparatory hockey match (Photo: MTI/János Vajda)

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