Daniel Craig goes to gay bars to avoid aggressive men

Daniel Craig goes to gay bars to avoid aggressive men

“I used to go to gay bars because I only knew my opinion,” said Daniel Craig from America. SiriusXM Podcast in broadcast, file from the inside.

The actor, who has played the superhero James Bond five times in the series, admits in his confession that he is not a combative type in life, he can avoid aggressive men if he can. This is also why you enjoy visiting gay bars.

I’m so sick of regular tail poisoning in regular bars, nothing in gay bars

said Craig, who recently got his Hollywood star.

“I was reluctant to get into a fight, and yet it happened several times. However, in the gay bar, everyone is very calm, really everyone. I don’t even have to reveal my sexual orientation, everything is fine, ”the actor continued.

On top of that, you can even flirt in these places because a lot of women have gone there for the exact same reason.

Daniel Craig’s last James Bond has been in theaters for two weeks and deserves the earlier performances, although No Time to Die is a familiar farewell to swan song, a Bond model, and a bit of innovation, my colleague David Clagg says in his critique.

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