Daily Retro: 'Mario on Ice' is the worst thing you'll see today

Daily Retro: ‘Mario on Ice’ is the worst thing you’ll see today

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The popularity of video games has led to a lot of good things over the years. For example, the classics have inspired countless creators so that we simple gamers can get a lot of new experiences. Of course, there’s also inspiration that we look at strangely, or rather wish was never created.

This could be Mario on Ice, or Mario on Ice, which was released to the public in the 1980s.

Yes, it is a show based on Super Mario and the cast performs on ice. Recently, a Reddit user discovered the existence of Super Mario Bros. Ice-Capades in an old magazine, an absolutely surreal phenomenon. Mario and Luigi’s eyes are like the portals of hell, and Princess Peach has definitely seen better days, not to mention mushrooms.

A friend found Super Mario Bros ice caps in a random vintage magazine (more in the comments) From the games

Incidentally, Super Mario Bros Ice-Capades was a TV show that aired in 1989 starring Jason Bateman and Alyssa Milano. According to the story, they are playing Super Mario Bros. When the game suddenly stops, then we see the rest of the story on the ice.

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