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Daily attraction: Debrecen Zoo showed off its new inhabitant
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Daily attraction: Debrecen Zoo showed off its new inhabitant

The Debrecen Zoo announced in a statement on Thursday that the zoo in Cívisváros can bring new good news about the Bennett kangaroo, which grows every year, because one of its females is raising her offspring in the pouch again. .

The little boy, who was the size of a bean at birth and was currently about six months old, has been growing well ever since and getting to know the outside world more and more curiously. Now he not only peers, but sometimes jumps out of the hiding place of the bag that provides safety, where he will return until he is nine months old. With their arrival, Debrecen’s team of marsupials now numbers seven, and visitors can take in their admiration as part of their daily show, which starts at 11am.

Source: Zoo Debrecen

Bennett’s kangaroo (Macropus rufogriseus), native to the island of Tasmania and eastern and southeastern Australia, lives in coastal forests and scrub. The common name is somewhat misleading, because although it resembles its close relatives, the kangaroo, in many respects, it belongs to the forest-dwelling wallabies, and is smaller and stockier than them. It is distinguished by its reddish neck and shoulders, as well as its large and mobile ears – and by nature it depends mainly on this and on its excellent sense of smell, as it has comparatively poor eyesight. He lives alone. During the day it rests in the shade, and at dusk and at night it searches for herbs, fruits and roots. Although its wild populations are currently stable, due to reduced and degraded habitats, the species is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

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