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Dad, have you started?  Immortals of Aveum has been postponed

Dad, have you started? Immortals of Aveum has been postponed

Procrastination, delay, procrastination, and procrastination are part of everyday life in video game circles. And we gamers always feel very relieved when a studio or publisher explains that postponing the premiere from a few weeks to several months is only in our interest and exclusive, as only they can ensure the perfection of the game in this way.

In this EA She also has a lot of experience and seems to be Progressive With the studio, they are now using that knowledge. It was originally announced on July 20th Immortals of Avium The premiere has been postponed. Thankfully, this time only about a shorter delay, as the release was pushed back by one month.

Studio founder Brett Robbins on their official website In a published statement, they wrote that they have been working on the game for five years, which they have offered players a lot in the past period. He also adds that the feedback reinforced their belief that their game would be special.

And of course, in order to achieve their original vision, they need some extra time, which in this case means four extra weeks. Thus, Immortals of Aveum will not be released on July 20, but on August 22 for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

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