DAC: We Must Follow Individually - Jan Van Daley

DAC: We Must Follow Individually – Jan Van Daley

DAC fans have waited over thirty years for such a match. FCSB was a guest of Mol Aréna – the Romanian club living from its rich past, known primarily as Steaua, has shown that it still has a good squad even today. Donnaszardahli is looking forward to the rematch despite the defeat on Wednesday night (0-1).

DAC hasn’t given up on progress (Photo: Ernő Lelkes)

The match against FCSB was the first in the season in which the DAC did not score a goal. closest to being hit Rego Zantou Stop, hit the post with a free kick.

“I missed quite a bit. Maybe a centimeter or two. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out – The Hungarian player sighed during his interview with our newspaper. – It was daring and challenging football. We made a mistake once, and the opponent took advantage of it. If Dominik Kruzliak is not stopped, there will be no problem. I’m disappointed, but optimistic, because FCSB is not an unbeatable team. The atmosphere at Mall Arena was great, and I’m so glad so many people came out and cheered. Unfortunately, we cannot thank you for this, we will try to improve it outside.”

“My opponents teammates, who scored in the door window position. Unfortunately, I could not intervene – Comment for Nemzeti Sport Dániel Veszelinov, According to who the home team did not play badly, but they need to improve a lot. – We can see, this is a completely different level. There was a big difference compared to previous meetings. We need to speed up our thinking. You don’t have to worry, you have to believe that you can win and advance next week.”

“We fought and played well, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. At the same time, we also saw that we had something to gain in the second leg. The fault of the man put us behind, and I didn’t even feel that our captain’s red card was justified. By the way, there were two or three cases. Cases before that when Romanian players deserved a yellow card, not even the first.” He told our newspaper Norbert Balogh.

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DAC Sports Director, Jan Van Dailey He was walking sadly after the meeting in the Mall Stadium corridor.

“At the moment I am disappointed, but we still have only the first half of the duel. We will continue, we will fight hard in Bucharest. Van Daley told National Sport. “It was a tough match, the little things were decided.” FCSB won by one goal, and there’s nothing we can do about it. There are still at least ninety minutes left in Bucharest. We will fight bravely, with the utmost fighting spirit, and then we will see if it will be enough to advance. I think, based on what we’ve seen, we have a chance to move forward. In Bucharest, we have to play our game.”

According to the sports director, Ferencváros set an example to follow in the previous round of BL.

“Frady lost to Slovan at home, then fought to advance in Bratislava” The Belgian sporting director concluded with a smile.

University of European Conferences, Qualification
Third round, first match
DAC 1904 (Slovakia) – FCSB (Romania) 0-1 (0-0)
MOL Circuit, 8224 view. led: Obrenovic (Slovenian)
DAC: Veszelinov – Blackman, Kruzliak, Riszvanisz, Ciganiks – Balogh N. (Moumou, 75), Dimun, Kácer – Szánthó (Mateus Brunetti, 68), Krstovics (Nicolaescu, 86), Veselovsky (Kalmár, 86). Coach: Adrian Gulla
FCSB: Tarnovanu – Ovidiu Popescu, Dawa, Tamm, Radunovics – Edjouma (Sut, 75), Olaru – Miculescu (Lixandru, 78), Octavian Popescu, F. Coman (Oaida, in the break) – Rusu (I. Stoica, 64). Coach: Nikolai Decca
scorer: Done (69.)
Kruelik (67.)

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