Cultural Tavern Symmetry: Science, Literature, Music, Video

Symmetry is ancient and universal, appearing in all cultures of the world. Over time, the concept got richer until it got the broad interpretation it has today. This made it a general concept

It extends across the boundaries of specialized fields, arts, and human cultures, influencing our daily lives, our artistic activity, and our scientific knowledge as a whole

It can be read in the show’s announcer. They add: symmetries are of fundamental importance now in science, and scientists have realized that the history of the universe itself is in fact the history of symmetries. The most important and exciting moments in the evolution of the universe are those when a sudden change in symmetry and order leads to a new cosmic landscape that is qualitatively more advanced than before.

“When I first started thinking about symmetries, the main idea was of course the scientific aspect.

Very few people know how important and defined the laws and symmetries of phenomena were in the history of physics and mathematics.

It was not clear to the physicists themselves that the most important laws of the universe could all be traced back to symmetries. The first drafter of this was actually a lady who was also the heroine of one of our previous shows. Emmy Noether, a German-Jewish mathematician, was the first to introduce certain aspects of symmetries into mathematical and physical systems and laws. This had serious consequences, among other things, Einstein said that the laws of Emmy-Noether were the most important mathematical laws of physics ever invented.

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Physics was initially driven by these mathematical laws.”

Peter Nagy explained. Symmetry appears as a general concept in art, daily life, nature, building, etc. That is why it is a grateful topic, but at the same time it has a scientific side, he believes.

“Precisely because of its multiplicity of meanings, I wanted to do a show that is no longer the classic science performance, like the previous shows, where I stand on stage, tell a story, and then the musicians come.

We will certainly keep the musical part, but since I can transfer the analogies to the arts and literature, we also imagined the visuals to follow this idea.

The invited visual artist has made videos that play in analogy and really fit the music and message. Then the idea came to make it more like a theater than a science show. It’s like a conversation between me and an actor friend in a coffee shop.

It’s as if we met each other by chance in a tavern called Simmetriak, where a jazz band, personified by Ineffable, plays. I’ve worked with them before, they’re incredibly talented, I really liked their music, and it was a given that they were musicians.”

– he began to detail. The scientific part is incorporated into personal stories and memories, to which actor Tamas Borsos responds with poems and prose texts.

The four different and united parts are linked through Ineffable’s music and Zsuzsa Sándor’s videos.

“We talk about symmetries, but when something interesting happens in the history of the universe, the symmetry is always broken, and from this symmetry a new cosmic landscape arises, which is more advanced than the previous one. I am trying to tell you what these violations of symmetry are. And not only me, but even The biggest skulls probably don’t know which one will be next, in a physical sense, in the universe.”

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Peter Nagy also spoke about his plans. As it turns out, starting in April, he will be giving monthly lectures on the history of science at the Csíki Cinema. the On the shoulders of giants The lecture series consists of six parts, the essence of which is to spread knowledge about the history of science and at the same time respect the greats of science. He also said that they plan to transfer their previous shows to other cities as well, but at the same time, in a revised form, Csíkszereda will appear again and be heard. We are alone during summer.

“This was about extraterrestrial life and its scientific observation, as there are great differences between the opinions of scientists in this regard. Astrobiologists are convinced that life will multiply when opportunities allow, and they believe that there are countless planets on which some form of life has appeared. Astrophysicists are more skeptical, even saying that life arose from a series of unimaginable possibilities and coincidences that are so subtle, rigid and narrow that they do not occur anywhere else. The extremist says that we are the only living beings. According to them, we live in such Incredibly great cosmic loneliness. At the same time, Pink Floyd’s record The Wall, which we’re inspired by, talks about human loneliness, that we ourselves are alone on Earth. I want to elicit a comparison of this a little more. Up until now, our shows haven’t been about social matters, I’ve stayed candid with the knowledge.

I’m not going to pretend to be a sociologist or social researcher, but I want to emphasize references in a way that is entertaining but also has a message. I want to create a very amazing yet thought-provoking show out of this.”

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Introduce him to his thoughts.

And his big dream is to create a natural science fair in a year or two, which he thinks will be amazing, modern and interactive. Peter Nagy concluded the conversation saying, “If we can achieve at least sixty percent of what I dream of, it will be amazing like never before in Transylvania.”

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