The comedian wants to remain worthy of his Karinthian episode, so he seeks guidance from the CEO of MTVA.

Zoltán Khalmi also got the news that MTVA has no reason for that Withdraw Karinthy ring, Miklós Galla. More specifically, Gala does not get the recognition he deserves for his outstanding humorist, “because his recent activities run counter to the values ​​and spirituality of public media and the Carinthe Ring Award.”

The affair inspired Zoltán Khalmi, a humorist on the Karinthy episode, to write an open letter, now realizing that when he got the recognition, he forgot to inform him of what should be compatible with his activities.

Kohalmi wrote that since he is still held in high esteem for the award to this day, he did not want to do anything or make a statement that would render him unworthy of it in the past.

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“Please send me in writing what I can and cannot do, or I will be happy to take general guidance if I may be in an unexpected situation and have to formulate my own thoughts,” asks Menyhértet Dobos, CEO of MTVA. The comedian also suggests shedding light on the values ​​and spirituality of all the awardees so far “so that they hide no one worthy of them.”

He then summarizes the essence of public media spirituality in one powerful paragraph:

“To help them, there were a number of revealing audio recordings for each of them, in which they express their own opinions for a long time, and this was previously called Cabaret Radio. Unfortunately, many of these recordings are no longer with you, because in 2010 the new management of the radio got rid of the archive The unique cabaret. The tapes were thrown in the lobby, exclusively in a manner consistent with the values ​​and spirit of public media and the Karinthy Ring Award. Fortunately, there was a co-worker who did not regret the effort in recent weeks and digitized what he knows. I got it from him, so I have enough, I can give it to him.”

The full article by Zoltán Kőhalmi can be read here:

The Karinthy Ring, named after the great Western writer and comedian, has been awarded to the prominent performers and performers of Radio Cabaret every year since 1975, in memory of the birth of Frigyes Karinthy. Its founder and donor is the president of Hungarian Radio, and today it is succeeded by MTVA. The ring was given to actor Peter Scherer last year, in 2019 to Evan Bagge and Oliver NASA.

Miklós Galla has become one of the icons of Hungarian humor with L’art pour l’art Company, but some of his own shows have also become classics since the just-released GM49 group has cult status.

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The comedian learned from an email that although he had obtained the ring in February, MTVA had reversed his decision due to his recent activities. Suspected of a political fake in the background.