It hasn’t even aired, but they’re preparing to record a second season.

He is moving to Britain the Lord of the Rings-Series based on the shooting trilogy on Amazon. The first season was completed in New Zealand, which has been the home of the franchise since its inception, but the next season will be recorded at the new location from January 1, 2022. Amazon will present the first season from September 2022.

The sets of the series will be transferred to Britain, but it is not yet known exactly where the shooting will be.

J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973), whose novels the film series was based on, was from English and designed the county of Middle-earth according to the climate history, fauna, and flora of rural England. the Lord of the Rings On the other hand, his Academy Award winning film trilogy was filmed in New Zealand by director Peter Jackson, which is New Zealand.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand has closed its borders, as the characters and staff of the series, nearly half of whom are British, remain stuck in the country for nearly two years. Moving allows them to work close to home and family. At the same time, new staff will be needed to replace New Zealand workers. The decision also provides an opportunity to shoot for production in other parts of Europe. HBO Game of thrones For example, which was produced mainly in Ireland, was filmed several times in other countries, Britain, Spain, Malta, Iceland and Croatia.

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no title yet, the Lord of the RingsEpisodes of the first season of the series, based on the trilogy, will be shown on a weekly basis starting in September 2022. Amazon has already revealed the first images of the series it is planning for several seasons. the story The Lord of the Rings: Reign of the Ring, so it takes place before the first part of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy trilogy. Starring Cynthia Addai Robinson and Robert Aramayo. According to the information, Amazon paid $ 250 million (75 billion HUF) for the imaging rights to Tolkien’s property manager. In addition, production costs are $100-150 million (30-45 billion HUF) per season.

the Lord of the RingsThe trilogy was chosen by Amazon customers in 1999 as the favorite book of the millennium. the BBC According to a 2003 poll, it is the most popular novel of all time.

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