The Balázs Béla Award-winning and Academy Award-winning artist was 60 years old.

After a long struggle with illness, Bella Zuzsa, the Bella Award-winning and Academy Award-winning film director, passed away Friday morning, MTI reported. The artist was 60 years old.

Böszörményi graduated from SZFE in 1991, his graduation film, Once, which did not win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and was a hit at Cannes, Nyon and London.

Her first feature film, 1995’s The Red Hummingbird, dealt with the fate of women amid turbulent conditions in Central and Eastern Europe. In Orense, it won Best European Film and Best Debut Film Award at the Calcutta International Film Festival.

According to the declaration of the Association of Hungarian Film Artists, Zsuzsa Böszörményi, as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Filmjus Association, has long worked with exceptional social sensitivity and understanding to help colleagues in difficult situations.