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Costner alone pumped $38 million into the production, which has only grossed $25 million so far.

To put it mildly, Kevin Costner's Western epic was a moderate success, having premiered at Cannes in May. HorizonPart One of the Movie: So far, the movie has only grossed $25 million worldwide.

The authorities are so upset that they have postponed the second part, originally scheduled for August, indefinitely.

Nothing Speaks Louder Than Demi Moore's Body Horror At Cannes

the Watchman According to his article, the first two episodes of the film series cost a total of $100 million to film, $38 million of which was covered by Costner himself. The lead roles were played by Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Luke Wilson.

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The production has now stated about the delay: it is necessary to “give the audience a greater opportunity to discover the first part.”

Costner admitted that the film has not been a financial success yet, although his ego wants it to be. “But I'm glad that the film that you and I are talking about is exactly what I wanted it to be.”


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