Kijött is happier than ever.

I wanted to write an album that would stand the test of time. The songs are completely different styles, but in the end they still come together, and in the end that was my goal: connect with each other, but don’t make you feel like you’re listening to the same song over and over again.

Billie Eilish said about her July 30 album, Happier Than Ever.

He added that he gave in years ago to find out exactly what people want. noticing why your energy, a cause lost And that NDA she was Happier than ever pioneers. According to him, there was no particular concept behind his selection of these exact songs.

The videos made for them also fit the theme of the album (different, but unified): File your energy In his section a huge giant serpent inscribed on Eilish, a cause lostIn a luxury villa twering with his girlfriends, NDA And in his video, the acrobatic businessman of 25 cars slaloms a few meters away. Each has been directed by the singer, each very different from one another, yet it all shows the borderline tension that has characterized Billie Eilish throughout her career thus far.

Billie Eilish dropped the cardigan, but we got a more intimate picture of her

New single, Billie Eilish released a new album this summer and showed herself on the cover of British Vogue like we’ve never seen her before. The platinum blonde pin-up photo was provocative enough to score a rescue record, and we could witness yet another human and artistic transformation and argue once again about the complexity of our relationship with the body.

By the way, Eilish did not involve any external producers or songwriters in the work of the new album, as usual, and his brother Finneas is also the producer and co-author of the album.

For Billie Eilish, the number one hack is ocean eyes Brought in 2016. Since then, it’s unstoppable: the 19-year-old singer is breaking records, especially after releasing her debut album two years ago, When we all sleep, where do we go? She is the youngest artist to receive nominations and then awards in all major Grammy categories. Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (bad guy), also managed to take a statuette for Record of the Year and Best Pop Album categories in 2020.

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And in 2021, in addition to all this, he received the inclusion of the year (all i wanted) and Grammy No time to die He also won an award in his category – on top of that, he was no younger in Bond film history than he would have written and sang the title music. After the awards ceremony, it turned out that the singer wore a wig all the way: she ditched the green that was her trademark and dyed her hair blonde.

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