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Cult: Here’s a poem by Amanda Gorman in Hungarian that stole the show at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Cult: Here's a poem by Amanda Gorman in Hungarian that stole the show at Joe Biden's inauguration

Wasn’t that just a great poem by Amanda Gorman? He promised to run for president in 2036. For my part, I can’t wait.

Hillary Clinton, who was four years behind Donald Trump, wrote this under a shared selfie of Bill Clinton and Amanda Gorman, after a black woman born in 1998 performed her own poem at the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. States. Likewise Barack Obama was excited, too, Who says that “on this day of desire in the history books,” young people like Gorman are proof that light can always be found – as the last lines of the verse claim.

No wonder the two democratic icons were so excited about the poem of the Discoverer of the Greatest Celebration, like the poet who had not yet fully known but was still waiting for the release of his first volume,

He wrote the new anthem of America abroad from Donald Trump’s shock.

“I’ve never been proud to see another black woman get up” – written by After the show, Oprah Winfrey, one of America’s most famous black women, talks about the poet who has had 800,000 followers so far. Instagram (Now there are nearly 3 million) and it is Graduated from Harvard University as a sociologist He actually spoke on MTV, and he already had an elected representative for a nationwide network of Young American Poets.

Incoming First Lady Jill Biden asked Amanda Gorman to recite a poem at the ceremony; It cannot be said that this gesture is revolutionary, as poets have previously called for three presidents (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy) – but it is not a habit. Moreover, Gorman is the youngest ever to recite at the opening ceremony, and at this ceremony, where even the costumes of the participants announce messages of unity and acceptance, it is no coincidence that a black poet is asked of the honorary mission.

Gorman, who, like Joe Biden, overcame a speech defect in his childhood after the Capitol siege, We finished the poem: Although he knew until then that American unity would be his main theme, he decided not to listen to how chaotic, brutal, and frightening he found were not just the dark days of American democracy when Trump supporters stormed the legislature in an attempt to thwart it. Managing Biden’s victory – but also in the past four years

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Aya Gorman, A. The hill we climb (The Hill We Should Climb) is halfway between free verse and slam poetry, so the way you perform it adds a lot to the experience, as Gorman not only read it, but also performed his poem, highlighting the rhymes hidden within the lines and a plethora of Of puns too.

Amanda Gorman showed how the Trump presidency was lived by someone who promised to grow up in the most just and democratic countries in the world.

To understand what the whole America is talking about (the recording of the recitation was seen on various YouTube videos of nearly 5 million in two days, CNN Transfer Another 2 million about the poem), including the man who may never have spoken about poetry, we translated the poem into Hungarian. The original text has been published by most of the world’s leading newspapers, for example It can be read here.


This is the Hungarian translation:

Amanda Gorman: The Hill We Must Climb

Where do we look for light in this infinite mystery,

We ask ourselves when we wake up to a new day.

With so many losses on our shoulders, we have to cross the sea.

We have defied so much darkness, and we finally let go of its depths.

We have learned that silence does not always mean peace,

And what is “truth” according to ideas and norms – well:

This is not always fair.

However, the dawn has already begun.

Somehow we have achieved.

We somehow passed by and we have seen a nation

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That was not broken

Just still incomplete.

We are the ones who inherited a country, in the afternoon

Where is the little black girl, descendant of slaves,

Raised or single

You can dream about becoming a president one day,

You can now speak to a boss.

And yes, we are far from being pure,

Far from crystal clarity,

But we are not struggling to form a complete unit.

We fight for unity and a common goal.

To create a country

Covering all human cultures, skin color,

And the obligated property.

In this way, we can finally look at what lies ahead,

And not for what is between us.

We bury the trench because we know

So that we can focus on our future,

We need to put our differences aside.

We put our sword,

So we can extend our arms to the other.

We no longer want to be killed, we want to be cuddled.

If nothing else, the globe itself confirms that this is the case:

So that what it cracked flew off.

Even what was very difficult was hope.

This is even what he commented, he did not comment.

We are bound together forever victorious.

Not because we will never be defeated again,

It is because we are no longer sowing the seeds of division.

The Bible encourages us to imagine

Who sits under his vine and under his fig tree,

No one will scare them.

If we all did what we need to do today,

Victory is not in the hearts of our soldiers,

But in the arch of newly built bridges


That promise should be here,

This is the hill we have to climb

We just have to dare.

Because being American isn’t just a proud legacy.

This is our past and it is our duty to correct it.

We saw the power that was going to crush our nation,

When it should have been contracted.

It would have wiped out our country by suspending democracy.

And he was almost successful.

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But even if democracy can be suspended from time to time,

It cannot be defeated once and for all.

We trust in this truth, with deep faith,

Because as we look to the future, history is watching.

This is the era of restoring the right.

This is what we feared from the start.

We didn’t feel ready for that

To inherit this terrifying hour,

But what we found in him became strong

To write a new chapter

That can give us hope and laughter.

So although we asked recently

“How do we cope with the disaster?”

Now say boldly

“How can a disaster prevail over us?”

We do not go back to the past, rather we go for what is good to be:

A wounded but alive country, good-hearted but bold, free and stormy.

Do not act or disturb intimidation,

Because we know our inaction and helplessness

We’ll pass it on to the next generation.

Our oxen will be their inheritance.

But one thing is for sure:

If we mix grace with power,

The power for peace,

We inherit the love and future of our children

Full of brightness.

Let us leave behind a better country than we have been given.

My hand is bronze

I wear my bra:

This sad world will be improved by us.

We go up the golden hills in the west.

We climb into the windy northeast, where our ancestors revived a revolt for the first time.

We ascended from its lakeside states in the Midwest.

We go up the scorched sun from the south.

We build, fix and beautify.

In every known corner of our nation,

In every corner of a place known as our country,

Our people are diverse and beautiful

He will recover from blows, but beautifully.

When the sun comes, we come out of the darkness,

Glowing and confident.

Dawn blossoms of freedom.

After all, light is always there,

Already if we were brave enough to see.

Even if we were brave enough to be.

(Translated by Palint Kovacs)

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