The returned disc was accompanied by a letter from Howard Simon apologizing to the library.

An elderly man living in San Francisco sent a record of Bob Dylan returning to a library in Ohio with a 48-year delay.

In a letter attached to the shipment, 73-year-old Howard Simon apologized to Libraries of Heights for the delay.

Simon was still in eighth grade when he borrowed his 1973 album Dylan Self Portrait. As he wrote, he has now found the rented version between Dylan’s two albums in his albums collection.

“I have recently retired and take the opportunity to focus my attention on things in my life that I have neglected for many years due to my career and family. I am sending the item on a reader ticket that I am about 17,480 days late,” he wrote.

Simon said the album cover was slightly damaged after he traveled from University Heights to California with him and touched several stops. However, according to the library, the recordings are in good condition.

Simon also sent an additional $175 fee and an album he made, saying it might fit in the library’s collection.

The library does not resent the man. “The funny thing about it is that we no longer charge extra if we take back the rented item, there’s no need to punish people,” said manager Sarah Phillips. “We are grateful that you sent the record back. I would say we’re here,” he added.

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