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Csipes’ pairs, Medveczky and Bálint Kopasz also field-trained in kayak-canoe-ib

Csipes' pairs, Medveczky and Bálint Kopasz also field-trained in kayak-canoe-ib

The members of the Hungarian team took four medals, including two gold, at the finals of the European kayak championships in Poznan on Friday, all of which occurred in a number not included in the Olympic program.

The final block started in the afternoon with a superior Hungarian success. Cebes Tamara And Erika Medveczky Score a victory at the start in the 1000m kayak by nearly clearing the field. The military unit was the first to reach a distance of 500 meters from its competitors at first, and then developed an impressive advantage of more than three ships in the second half of the distance.

His superiority is well illustrated by the fact that the second-placed Spanish duo once snatched more than five seconds weaker.

“With us, the Olympic runners have to rock a thousand meters from their little finger. It was a good track, even though it’s embarrassing to have crosswinds again, looks like it was this year,” Olympic champion Tamas Sebes told M4 Sport. “Because of this, it wasn’t technically a good run, but it was a good track anyway.”

in the jump a Balint Noe, Peter Gal, Pence Dombvari, Tamas Kolevay The kayak lineup closed in fourth place behind the Belarusians. The eventual winner took the lead from the start, only Hungarian and Russian units were able to keep up, and although he came close to his hair for a while, Dumbvari seemed to launch an attack on gold, the Belarusians repulsed him and eventually won with confidence. It is clear that the Hungarians were second to the finish line before the Russians.

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“This is a new formation, specifically we have been able to meet once so far, compared to this, this result is great,” said Kolivay.

If not technically, but tactically I think we got 99 percent of that track, and it’s not gold missing, it’s winning silver

Said Dombvari.

The 26-year-old canoe from Gyr, European champion and world doubles silver medalist Bala flower He also competed in the 500m singles, but the Ukrainian Ludmila Lozanal He couldn’t fight. The last boat dictated a massive pace throughout and scored a superior victory. Balla all the way to Belarus Alina Nazdroval He had a big fight for the silver medal, and finally, with a difference of 13 milliseconds, he managed to snatch it.

“Of course I’m happier than if it was a bronze finish, I felt like third at the end. I took part in a world competition the last time maybe four years in this track, and I’m very used to it. It helps for a husband that I can try the principle, which is quite different from what We got used to it at home, and I was also able to test the wind,” Bala said.

Also half a kilometer from Jonathan Hajdu, dám Fekete Canoe 2 fought on the podium all the way with rival four or five after the first start, but after a very difficult finish, they finished fourth at the end behind the Russian-German-Ukrainian trio.

Last Friday’s final, the men’s kayak race, also offered Hungary a medal opportunity, and Balint Copasz He also lived with her.

The 23-year-old Győr Graboplast VSE athlete, apparently, was a gentle shovel, and was already a confident mid-driver, further increasing his advantage in his hair. Opponents can only watch his back all the way, and Bashir Khair’s confident win ahead of Saturday’s 1000m final.

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The other finals will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Additional software:

500m middle race 17.30

200m and 500m middle races 9.00
1000m, 500m and 200m Finals 10.20

1000, 500 and 200m Finals 8.45
5000m Final 14.08.2018

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