Crowds walked his way, but no one saw him when it happened

Crowds walked his way, but no one saw him when it happened

Something mysteriously disappeared from the car carrying the coffin, and no one saw it when it happened.

where did he go?

Undertakers began moving the coffin on Sunday (September 11) and onlookers noticed a “William Purvis” poster on a window.

The poster advertised the company chosen by Lord Chamberlain’s office to move the Queen’s oak sarcophagus across Scotland to the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, but angered viewers who found the ad “tasteless”. Although the label was clearly visible at the beginning of the journey, by the time the plant reached its destination, it was gone. It is believed that the advertisement was removed somewhere along the road when the motorcade stopped to allow the drivers to rest.

However, viewers still had a chance to remember the name of the business and flood the website, so much so that shortly after hearse’s first public appearance, the website crashed due to too many visits. Viewers were happy to see the poster had been removed along the way, though one Twitter user commented that it was “sad that it ever existed.”

The procession traveled along the Royal Mile, followed on foot by King Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne. Edinburgh City Council said mourners could then view the coffin from 5pm and pay their respects to the Queen.

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source: LADBible Photo: 123rf

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