Cross-play can only be turned off on one platform!

It’s a bit unfair to other players. On the other hand, there’s also a humorous whimsy, which will probably make half the world laugh; Activision Blizzard took a look at this!

Not everyone likes cross-play. It’s a fact that you can play together on Xbox Series and PC, for example, but for example in the FPS type, PCs have an advantage with a keyboard and mouse pair, but consoles can have router support instead. Some may turn it on, others will get rid of it. The latter includes PC and the Xbox series, while on PlayStation 5 you can turn off cross-play in Infinity Ward!

The on reddit Several people have complained that there is no way to turn off cross-play on Microsoft’s console (and OS), while on the PlayStation 5 version you can always switch to PS5-only mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II fight! This was also confirmed by Eurogamer. There’s a bit of a tweak to that: you can turn off cross-play on Xbox Series, but it’s a system-wide option, and as such, it kicks it out of every game. Not comfortable for each game Fill. Computers don’t even have this option.

If cross-play is mandatory for everyone (that is, Activision Blizzard will enable it on all platforms without exception, and there will be no option to turn it off in the game), then it is understandable, because there will be no exceptions. In this year’s Call of Duty subreddit, many people suspect that this happened because of Microsoft: it wants to integrate PC and Xbox into an ecosystem (ecosystem), but the question can still be asked: Isn’t it right to show a cross in every Where, switch play? You don’t only have a PlayStation 5s…

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In the end, there is something to discover. CharlieIntel is a file on Twitter View an image of the Canadian Xbox version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (which a Twitter user works on in a store boost. Sadly there isn’t a single screenshot on the box anymore (it’s pathetic), but that’s not a funny thing. Since French is the official language in Canada in addition to English (in the province of Quebec), the description of the game is also bilingual. In English, the top line reads “The best-selling franchise on Xbox.” Below, in French: “The best-selling franchise on PlayStation.”

source: PCGamerAnd the PSL

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