Cross-country skiing: giant battle, Olympic champion snatched - video

Cross-country skiing: giant battle, Olympic champion snatched – video

The 10km World Cup for cross-country skaters in Lillehammer brought huge competition. Sweden’s Frida Karlsson defeated her favorite home Olympic champion, Therese Johaug, by just three-tenths. Simon Hegstad Kreuger won the men’s team.


Frida Karlsson wins a major competition (Photo:

Since Carlson started earlier, Johog knew how fast he needed to skate. At the same time, the Norwegian took off in vain, proving to be three tenths slower …

The men’s first place was decided at close range, with Simin Hegstad Kreuger ahead of Hans Christer Holland by less than two seconds.

Figure skating, World Cup competition, Lillehammer
15 sleeves for men (free style)

1. Simen Hegstad Krüger (Norway) 32: 26.2
2. Hans Christer Holland (Norwegian) +1.6
3. Martin Löwström Nyenget (Norwegian) +17.5
… 73. Adam Bucky +8.24.8
vk aggregator site (27 other competitions left)
1. Johannes Hosflot Kleibo (Norwegian) 256 points
2- Alexander Bolsonov (Russian) 233
3 – Alexei Chervotkin (Russian) 162

Women’s 10 km (freestyle)
1. Frida Karlsson (Sweden) 26:58.4
2. Therese Juhaug (Norwegian) +0.3
3. Rosie Brennan (American) +11.3
Combined winner position (27 other races left)
1. Carlson 320 pont
2. Johog 260
3 – Maja Dalqvist (Sweden) 227

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