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Croats don’t take to the streets anymore, mosquitoes have taken over

Croats don’t take to the streets anymore, mosquitoes have taken over

Because of the rainy weather in the past few weeks, it was covered in mosquitoes Croatia eastern part. Croats prefer not to leave their homes in the evening unless they have to.

In our neighbors to the southwest, according to official protocol, mosquito control is justified if experts record more than 200 bites per hour, he writes. world economy.

However, the number of stings in the eastern corners of the country has long exceeded this number.

Although it’s already bad, it’s still a long way from the 2021 record, when there was a day when researchers measured 26,806 bites per hour on Kobach’s meadow.

In the swamp area protected by the NATURA 2000 program, there are approximately 300 species of birds, 55 mammals, 48 ​​fish, 10 amphibians and 11 species of reptiles, but also 85 species of insects, including six species of mosquitoes that are protected. Mosquitoes cannot be exterminated in the floodplain region, also known as the European Amazon, mainly because of the latter.

A large amount of mosquitoes have developed so far this year

In recent weeks, due to minor floods in the Tisza River, and then the Danube and its tributaries, extensive breeding areas for mosquitoes arose, and a large amount of biting mosquitoes appeared in these areas and in the water collected by the rains. Read more >>>

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