COVID-intensive disease: Hungarian doctors are calling each other to see if there is room for a patient

COVID-intensive disease: Hungarian doctors are calling each other to see if there is room for a patient

Andras Lovas, an anesthesiologist and intensive care physician currently working on COVID19, wrote about atlatszo.huThat Covid intensive care doctors are calling each other to see what hospital is available and where to send patients with recurrent severe pneumonia who need a ventilator if they don’t already have space.

Why is it so important to have the latest information needed to transport a Covid patient?

What does it take to transport a seriously ill patient from one hospital to another, even hundreds of miles away? The doctor writes above all for science:

“The first and perhaps the most important condition is communication. Referral and reception institutions discuss with each other, where, how many people, what their condition is, what additional care they will receive, and whether they will be able to obtain it at all. There is a patient who can be transferred And there is no one who is not worth the risk of such a long journey (for example, where there is heart surgery) or there is simply no free bed, but the latter is available elsewhere.

The more organ failure a patient has and the more medications or equipment they need to support (such as a ventilator, replacement dialysis machine, or possibly extracorporeal oxygen), the higher the risk that the transfer will be fatal.”

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A shared database that is instantly updated can solve the problem

Since the number of patients in hospitals varies from hour to hour and even minute to minute, clinicians will need a shared database instead of the current Excel spreadsheet once a day.

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The data will be required to know exactly where there is free space, where the conditions are, and whether there are enough staff to provide care. All this can be solved by the development of information technology, so that the family receives a unique QR code:

IT development will save many time consuming and time consuming phone calls from colleagues trying to find out who is in their own corporate capabilities.

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