Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broke its previous record of 200,000 players!

With Counter-Strike 2 coming soon, it’s no wonder Valve’s 2012 game is back in the air again…

We already wrote about Counter-Strike 2 in more detail when it was announced, but in terms of the events leading up to it, we’ve already guessed that it’s an update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or just CS:GO for short). Then Gabe Newell confirmed it, but the announcement also sparked interest in CS: GO. On the other hand, it is very likely that Valve did not expect that CS: GO would be played by more players at the same time than ever before!

But it happened, even SteamDB-t, even SteamCharts Let’s see, we can see that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been played by more than one and a half million people (1,519,457!) at the same time. CS: GO set its previous record in April 2020 but the score that facilitated the pandemic is over 200k because of Valve’s age, but it’s still worth the free-to-play game with which everything can be ported to Counter-Strike 2 so skins also come With us to CS2 running on the Source 2 engine…

This commendable record was not only due to the hype, many people were probably nostalgic (after all, Counter-Strike: 1.6 is also something that many people play, but in the case of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, we can say this in Often…), or they could even take out CS:GO en masse so that it would be difficult for Counter-Strike 2 to break the record. Well, it will also be a free game, but it will not be easy to surpass its predecessor.

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Even in its weakest moment, CS: GO manages to show more than 400 thousand players a day, and the free version was released at the end of 2018, thanks to which Valve’s game remains almost uninterruptedly shooting at the million mark. It really proves the point that if a game is free, a lot more people will play it…but if a game is of high quality, more people will download it. Valve can be very proud of this. Hopefully, this summer’s Counter-Strike 2 can continue to do so.

source: PCGamer

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