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Could Wednesday's Season 2 be too much? Netflix does it!

Could Wednesday's Season 2 be too much?  Netflix does it!

MOVIE NEWS – New details about Season 2 on Wednesday teased the power of CGI, but other Netflix series show how to quickly put that concern to rest.

Jenna Ortega's comments about what to expect in Season 2 on Wednesday raised concerns about the increase in CGI. However, other TV shows on Netflix have proven that there is no need to worry. After the series' record-breaking November 2022 premiere, few details have been revealed about Season 2's cast, story, and twists that will air on Wednesday.

However, Wednesday Addams actress Jenna Ortega has already hinted at some exciting and disturbing things to expect from Season 2, including increased action.

Jenna Ortega's new details about Season 2 indicate that the next part of the series will be “bigger.” [és] “It's going to be more action-packed,” the actress and executive producer explained, “Each episode… will be like a movie.” While this means the Netflix series will increase in size significantly in Season 2, the excitement around the move comes with some skepticism due to one My biggest complaint about the first season.

Could Wednesday's 'action-packed' season be worrying based on reviews of Season 1?

The first season was a huge success with the audience. Furthermore it, It also received praise from critics. But it was not without flaws. One of the biggest criticisms of the Netflix series was the CGI. Flaws were found in the animation's contrast to the rest of the series and its unrealistic nature. This was inconsistent with the quality of the other items.

Thus, it's understandable that Ortega's comments that Season 2 will be action-packed have been met with skepticism, as more action seems to mean more CGI.

It is unlikely that a significant portion of the budget was spent on CGI for Hyde or Enid's Werewolf in the first season of the show. Which might explain why the quality of the effects is lower than what can be expected from such a big Netflix series. If Season 2's CGI action mirrors the influences of Season 1, there's still cause for concern. But Netflix's biggest sci-fi series has proven that this problem can be solved.

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Stranger Things showed that action-packed series can also work on Netflix

Since Wednesday promises to be a successor to Netflix's Stranger Things in terms of popular teen-oriented series, the latter also provides a great example of how a series can grow in size with each season. Stranger Things was on a much smaller scale in its first season. The second season succeeded in incorporating larger groups. Plus more special effects and CGI, and more intense action scenes.

Wednesday's season appears to be following suit, which is optimistic considering Netflix is ​​using the Stranger Things formula to give The Addams Family a bigger budget to enhance its CGI and action scenes.

With a larger budget, Netflix should be able to turn Season 2's effects into disappointing ones. Like the amazing animated monsters from Stranger Things like Vecna, the Demogorgons, and the Mind Flayer. Additionally, Ortega hinted that parts of Season 2 will be “like a movie.” The quality is expected to reflect this in terms of workload. This requires more on the part of effects. Stranger Things has already set the stage for Season 2 on Wednesday to improve on aspects of Season 1 that still need work.

source: Hollywood Reporter

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