Corporate energy consumption cannot be tracked based on billing

Corporate energy consumption cannot be tracked based on billing

We will not even imagine how much money flows out of our pockets in small and imperceptible ways, simply because we do not carefully follow the path of the energy used in our business.

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“A defective but still working piece on a production line, which therefore uses more electricity than necessary, a broken pane of glass in a factory hall, or even inadequate insulation, is enough for us to pay the utilities unreasonably high sums.” The good news is That this can be changed, so that in the remaining months of winter, the burden of skyrocketing energy prices will be less on us, ”emphasized Marton Havas, energy expert and managing director of Wenerate Kft.

The specialist also drew attention to the fact that many companies do not realize exactly what they are paying for, therefore, from his point of view, it is extremely important for company managers to form an accurate picture of the elements that make up their energy consumption. In addition, some companies are not in favorable buyout contracts, so if they change this, they could actually make savings in the millions on an annual basis, even without an investment.

How can businesses survive the winter?

When the source of energy costs is clearly visible, the next step is to determine whether it is enough to upgrade and refurbish equipment, transform work procedures and work schedules, or whether investment in new equipment has become unavoidable.

“In the current situation, it may be painful to think of spending a larger amount to replace a vital work tool, but let us keep in mind that with a modern machine that works perfectly, we can achieve significant energy savings in the long run. Fortunately, we also have the opportunity to choose the best For us in terms of financing. If we do not have a sufficient amount of money, in addition to bank financing, we can look for tender sources and take advantage of the energy efficiency commitment system, which provides the opportunity to repay a certain percentage of the investment, ”explained Marton Havas.

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Top 6 potential energy sources:

1. Compressors – Energy loss can be up to 30%.

2. Motors and pumps – only 15% of the total investment cost is purchase, and the remaining 85% is energy costs during use.

3. Industrial mechanical ventilation, extraction, blowing – up to 15-25% savings are provided.

4. Gas heating of the entire area, rather than local heating and/or air conditioning.

5. Unnecessary tours in the work process.

6. Reckless work schedule.

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