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Disposal can be considered at any time of the year, which includes reviewing and organizing documents and getting rid of unnecessary office equipment and furniture.

Destroying documents in the warehouse or office frees up a lot of the space we need, making them easier to find. We can also get a lot of space by getting rid of tools and furniture. In the case of various office equipment, it is worth considering the realistic quantity while ordering, as throwing away dry pens and correctors is a big waste. If a large amount of waste is generated during disposal, this can be a great solution container shippingAllowing you to get rid of all waste in the blink of an eye.

Here are some tips for getting rid of your desk.

select the target

Before starting a task, it is important to define a goal. Don’t we have enough space? Can’t find the documents? Can we serve customers slower because of the chaos? Define the problems so that defining the strategy is also easier.

Leadership commitment is also very important for similar tasks. If colleagues see a supervisor as he is packing his work clothes, they are more likely to do the job for him. In the case of a project, it is also important to appoint a responsible person who coordinates the work, sets deadlines, assigns colleagues to tasks, and resolves container order Mission. Otherwise, everyone will do something, but there will be more chaos than real order in a short time.

What do we want to keep?

Tidying up can be intimidating at first, but let’s switch things up and think about what we really need in the office. It can also be a good solution for everyone to spread out for 1-2 weeks on the equipment they are using, so it will be easy to see in the end what really works as a dust collector.

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It’s also an important task to determine what still works, just not to use it. Such equipment and things can be donated, for example, to schools and kindergartens. And here, of course, social responsibility plays a role.


The first task is definitely to think about the laws that bind the company, and this may be something worth discussing with a lawyer or accountant. For example, just because we need more space in the closet, we can’t get rid of the bill. It is very important that the disposal is done carefully, in accordance with the law, so that we can avoid future fines.

Once you have what you need to keep and what you may need later, create a directory for your colleagues and assign them tasks. It is worth dividing the documents into different categories, such as what is needed, but it would be nice to have them in electronic form as well. They are sorted separately and scanned after disposal. If you still work with paper invoicing, you may also want to consider transitioning into an era, and switching to an electronic system would be much easier for everyone.

If the necessary documents are returned to the cabinet, we will definitely arrange them in folders, which are also worth marking, and if you need them later, we will quickly find them.

If we also want to get rid of official documents, be sure to pay attention to the correct destruction, because, for example, old work contracts with personal data of former colleagues cannot simply be thrown into the trash.

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If something is definitely not needed, but in no case do you want to get it again, put it in a storage room. It’s not worth the long-term forgetting either, we definitely review gadgets once a year, and if you haven’t had to take them out a year ago, you can definitely port them over.

command – order

Companies may want to go through this process at least once a year, if several times are necessary. Even if the task seems boring, it will eventually increase the efficiency of your colleagues.

container order

If the amount of waste generated during disposal must be disposed of, a container rental It might be a perfect solution. He just calls, talks about how long he needs and where and how much container he will need and he doesn’t have to worry about others anymore. We have been in business for nearly 30 years container shipping fair in the field container prices Plus, test our reliability!

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