Coronavirus: The situation in the neighborhood is deteriorating, and several areas have been classified as red

Coronavirus: The situation in the neighborhood is deteriorating, and several areas have been classified as red

In Ukraine, once again, more than 9,000 new coronavirus patients were registered in one day, and Transcarpathia was classified as the most “red” zone at an exceptional meeting of government crisis workers on Saturday.

According to the officially released data, the number of injured people in the country rose to 1,394,061 new infections, with 9,144 cases on Saturday, and the number of deaths increased by 156 to 26,919. So far, 1,194,373 people have recovered, fewer than 3,400 of them the previous day, bringing the number of patients. Active by more than 5,600 to 172,769.

MTI wrote that a prominent number of people infected with the Coronavirus and suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus were transferred to the hospital last day, and their number exceeded three thousand for the fourth consecutive day.

Most of the new patients, 682, were registered again in the country’s most affected region, the capital, Kiev, and 665 in Transcarpathia, which puts the province in fifth place in the daily statistics.

The Governor of Transcarpathian Anatoly Polushkov had already described the situation in the province as a crisis the day before, stressing that the hospitalization rate reached 81 percent.

Cabinet Minister Ole Nemchynov said on Saturday on the message portal Telegram that in the extraordinary meeting of crisis staff, Transcarpathia also received a “red” rating after three western regions, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhitomir and Chernivtsi. It will take effect in the county from Monday. The “red” designation in Ukraine effectively means a complete closure with the most severe restrictions: schools, restaurants, sports facilities, all kinds of group events and only some products are closed, only shops that stock basic necessities, that is, food, medicine, household items and perfumes, as well as pet food, seeds and pesticides.

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Meanwhile, a recent survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KMISZ) showed that only 24.1 percent of Ukrainians are ready to vaccinate themselves against the Coronavirus, and 60.2 percent gave a negative response. However, Academician Serhiy Komisarenko, head of the Biosafety Committee of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (RNBO), said in a TV program that at least 30 million people should be vaccinated in Ukraine by the end of the year, otherwise the country will be in trouble due to the viral differences. New.

In Ukraine, 15,758 people have been vaccinated so far.

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