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Coronavirus: The situation in the Czech Republic is deteriorating again

Coronavirus: The situation in the Czech Republic is deteriorating again

On Saturday, laboratory tests discovered about 4,800 new infections, an increase of 750 from last week. The laboratories conducted 14,500 PCR tests and 13,000 antigen tests, which is nearly half the number of tests carried out on working days, according to a statement published on the Ministry of Health website, on Sunday morning.

The rate of positive results rose from 27 percent in recent days to 32.7 percent on Saturday. The spread of the epidemic has continued to rise, reaching 1.05 on Saturday. If this indicator is greater than one, this indicates an acceleration of the epidemic.

However, the situation in hospitals is gradually improving. On Saturday, 5,450 people were treated in hospitals, less than 400 a week ago. The number of people in serious condition is 989, slightly less than last Saturday.

In the 100-point table established by the ministry, divided into five tracks, the risks correspond to 71 points, which is the fourth track. However, the precautions in place are still compatible with Path 5. The authorities explain this by saying that the general situation has not improved for more than three weeks, but rather is deteriorating. Health Minister Jean Platney said the authorities would only ease the austerity if the number of hospital patients fell below 3,000.

Since the outbreak broke out in early March, 1.035 million people in the Czech Republic have fallen ill, 920,000 people have been cured and 17,235 people have died.

The Czech Republic has a state of emergency until February 14, which will allow the government to impose some austerity measures, including the deployment of the army. The government wants to extend the state of emergency, but, contrary to previous positions, it does not support any opposition party, which creates a state of uncertainty. The House of Representatives is expected to put the matter on the agenda on Thursday. Prime Minister André Babis said he still wanted to negotiate with party leaders.

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