Coronavirus: The government in Austria has begun negotiations to ease restrictions

Coronavirus: The government in Austria has begun negotiations to ease restrictions

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It is reported that a portion of classroom education and commerce will be re-launched, among other things, as part of the planned lifting of restrictions, and hairdressing salons could reopen. However, entry rates can be expected to tighten in countries with particularly high infection rates. Among other things, Portugal emerged as such. Compulsory coronavirus testing may be required for those traveling across borders.

However, Pamela Rende Wagner, chair of the opposition Austrian Social Democratic Party, told ORF public service television that The government has not yet committed itself to rest. People’s Counselor Sebastian Curtis explained that in the event of relief, the number of injured would have to increase again. Rendi-Wagner also warned, noting that if the openings were planned outside the schools, there would be a risk of a third wave in four to six weeks.

Norbert Hoover, also leader of the opposition Austrian Freedom Party, has expressed concern that experts say current vaccines have only limited effectiveness in South Africa and Brazil’s mutations in the coronavirus, respectively. However, in a statement to the APA, the head of the FPÖ called for relaxation, but at the same time urged accompanying drastic measures, such as wearing FFP2 masks in stores.

In Vienna, despite the ban on demonstrations, thousands protested on Sunday over the epidemic measures. The movements sometimes turned violent, and many participants did not follow sanitary precautions.

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According to data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 415,522 cases of coronavirus have been identified in Austria so far, of whom 7,778 have died from the disease.

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