Koronavírus: különös utasítás érkezett az indiai variánssal kapcsolatban

Coronavirus: Special instructions received for Indian variant

The B.1.617 mutation in the coronavirus was identified in India last year and has therefore been referred to as an Indian variant in public discourse. The different variants have so far been named after where they appeared, so this was the procedure for the British or Brazilian booms as well – read the portal search.

The variant, which first appeared in India, has been found to be more contagious than the original Wuhan virus and has already spread to dozens of countries. In many states, entry from India is also severely restricted.

Britain, for example, recorded its highest daily rate of infection with the new coronavirus in the past month, while 70 percent of the country’s population has already received at least one vaccine. Option B.1.617.2 was first identified in India It can stand in the background According to local authorities. The situation is not tragic, but everyone in the UK, which has just been liberalized, is warned of strict lockdowns.

The Indian Ministry of Information Technology claims that it is a mistake to call the mutation an Indian variant as it has also been recorded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as B.1.617.

Article to me In India, the government is receiving heavy criticism for its flawed management of the pandemic, to which they responded by removing Twitter posts critical of them the previous month.

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