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Coronavirus: The situation is still very bad in India, and the epidemic is already receding at home

Coronavirus: More vaccines can be registered at home, and Austria issues its certificate of protection

The range of national teams will be wider than usual in the European Football Championship, which begins on June 11 and is co-hosted by Budapest, MTI wrote. At its meeting on Tuesday, the UEFA Board of Directors approved a proposal last week from the National Teams Committee, which would add a team of 26 players instead of 23 players. But he stressed in the advertisement that only 23 players can enter the matches in the same way, because the sport rule stipulates that a maximum of 12 substitutes are allowed.

UEFA justified the decision on the grounds that a potential positive coronavirus test for players and a subsequent quarantine commitment would not cause an employment problem for teams. The tire submitted before June 1 can only be changed in the event of a serious injury or illness before the first match of the designated national team. According to UEFA, this category also includes players infected with the Coronavirus and soccer players who are in close contact and are therefore isolated. However, whoever gets out of the tire cannot return.

UEFA decided previously to allow five match substitutions instead of three, because the Coronavirus epidemic has made the tournament calendar more crowded and players are under more pressure.

The continental match, which has been postponed from last year to this year, will be held from June 11 to July 11. Originally, 12 cities were to host the matches, but since Dublin and Bilbao could not guarantee entry to the stadium, the situation changed last week, with Seville appearing in the rounds and St Petersburg hosting several group matches, while London won the additional eighth final. . The tournament is organized by Munich, Baku, Rome, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Budapest.

In the Hungarian capital, Puskas Square hosts three group matches and an eighth final. Marco Rossi, the Italian Fed captain of Hungary, will announce a broad framework on Thursday.

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