Koronavírus: megérkeztek a legfrissebb adatok - közel 154 millióan fertőződtek meg összesen

Coronavirus: Latest data has arrived – nearly 154 million people have been infected in total

So far, 153,977,028 people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus pandemic, with 3,227,699 deaths and 90,918,474 survivors, according to MTI quotes Johns Hopkins University of America in its Wednesday morning CET summary. .

The day before, 15,319,3587 people were registered, an increase of more than 780,000 in one day. The infection is present in 192 countries and territories. Experts say the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the reality because the number of tests is somewhat limited in every country, and registration criteria also differ.

  • According to official data, a disease called Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the most affected in the United States, with 3,251,575 infected so far and killing 578,481.
  • In India, 202,82833 injuries and 222,408 deaths were recorded.
  • There are 1,485,688 injured and 4,11,588 deaths in Brazil.
  • In France, 5,741,537 cases and 105,548 deaths were recorded.
  • 4929118 people have been registered in Turkey so far, with 41,527 deaths, according to official figures.
  • In Russia, the number of confirmed injuries increased to 47,84,497, and the number of deaths rose to 109,670.
  • In the UK, there are 4,439,489 people infected and 127,803 people have died from the disease.
  • There are 4,059,821 infected people in Italy, with 121,738 deaths.
  • In Spain, 354,945 injuries and 78,399 deaths were recorded.
  • In Germany, the number of injured reached 3,462,297 and the number of dead was 83,890.
  • In Argentina, there are 30,47417 injured and 65,202 dead.
  • There are 2,808,052 injuries and 68,133 deaths in Poland.

The number of injured

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