Coronavirus: In some neighboring countries, relaxation may already begin

Coronavirus: In some neighboring countries, relaxation may already begin

Significantly fewer than 2.5 thousand new patients were registered, and again fewer than a hundred deaths in a single day on Monday, the Minister of Health of Ukraine said, and this drop is the result of a more stringent quarantine that has just ended.

According to the officially released data, the number of identified infections increased to 1194,328 in the last day, with 2516 new cases, and the number of deaths increased by 63 to 21,924. So far, 953,297 people have recovered, of whom nearly 5,800 the previous day, reducing the number of Active patients with more than 3300 to 219107.

On Sunday, 1,166 new patients infected with or suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus were transferred to hospitals in the country, half the number of patients the previous day.

The Minister of Health, Maxim Stepanov, said in a daily briefing The so-called stricter quarantine introduced on January 8 ended on Monday, and the corresponding rules for grading the orange risk of the former adaptive quarantine are now in effect again. Across the country, for now, by February 28th.

This means, among other things, that students can return to school offices, catering units can actually receive guests during the day, shops can sell anything without restrictions, and cultural, sports and other events can be held with up to twenty people.

The head of the ministry said that the government is monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation, and in a favorable case, this could be an additional relief, that is, they can return to the adaptive restrictions that adapt to the situation in each region. This was the case in the summer in Ukraine, when regions and municipalities were classified into four different color risk classes – red, orange, yellow and green.

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Stepanov recalled that January 18-24. Among them, 30,612 cases of the new Coronavirus were recorded, 14,000 fewer than the previous week. According to his information, 11,630 new patients were admitted to the hospital, which is about two thousand less than the previous week, and the trend continued to leave recovering health care institutions more than the number of new patients admitted.


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