Coronavirus: In a neighboring country, the British convert may be in control

Coronavirus: In a neighboring country, the British convert may be in control

The analysis was performed by Medlife Private Clinics Network based on studies conducted in its laboratories. Medlife recently examined ninety samples that may have been taken between February 3 and 11, and in half of the samples showed the infection was due to the B1.1.7 variant. The company stated that samples subject to more in-depth analysis were randomly selected.

Medlife analysts believe that within three to five weeks, the British virus variant will be the most common nationwide. It is reported that studies conducted two weeks ago only showed the most contagious mutation in a quarter of samples. The virus variants identified in South Africa or Brazil were not detected in Romania.

Most of the cases identified have now been reported in Bucharest, but the type of virus has already been identified in Timisoara, Cluj Napoca and many other cities.

According to the announcement on Thursday on the website of the Committee for Coordination of the Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign, the number of Coronavirus diseases among medical personnel has decreased significantly, as they were the first to receive the vaccine. Since the last week of December, the number of registered infections in this group has decreased by 87 percent.

Official data released on Thursday indicated a slight increase in new cases recorded in one day. In the past 24 hours, more than 3,000 cases were diagnosed again, compared to an average of 2,379 cases in the past two weeks. The epidemic killed the equivalent of (71) people in the past day, like the average of the past two weeks. There are 6,913 coronavirus patients being treated in state hospitals, 936 of them needing intensive care. In addition, 40,235 infected people are waiting to be recovered at home and another 10,195 are in institutional isolation.

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