Coronavirus: A Russian vaccine developer warns of some dangerous diseases

Coronavirus: A Russian vaccine developer warns of some dangerous diseases

In Russia, the number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus rose to 19738690 with 19,290 new cases last day, according to official data released on Monday. This is the lowest number since November 11th. The increase is now 0.52 percent, and 10.3 percent of new cases are asymptomatic. The number of active infections increased by 518,009, the number of deaths increased by 456 to 69,918, and the number of recoveries increased by 19003 to 3150,763.

The Gamaleja Institute, which developed the Sputnik V vaccine Caution is advised when the vaccine is used in patients with metastasis in this revised package leaflet. A warning issued by Russian news agencies on Monday indicated that the effect of the vaccine on these patients has not yet been fully evaluated. Jamalega previously promised to work with leading oncology institutes to conduct this study.

The package leaflet advises that you be careful with your vaccination Chronic liver and kidney disease, endocrine diseases (severe thyroid impairment and uncompensated diabetes), severe hematopoietic diseases, epilepsy and other diseases of the central nervous system, acute coronary heart disease and acute cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction, and myocardial infarction Apply this regulation.

Gamaleja used to be He warned that vaccination could be risky in autoimmune diseases, citing a lack of information, Because stimulating the immune system can worsen the disease. According to the institute, patients with autoimmune diseases who are at risk of serious and life-threatening conditions should be treated with extreme caution.

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