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Cooperation is also needed in the Carpathian Basin so that the Hungarians can once again play a leading role in horse breeding

At the opening, the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture donated a semi-breed Kisbér stallion, called Semaphore Windmill, to the Mikó Castle farm in Oltsem. The breeding animal that was transferred from the state farm in Szilvásvárad to Háromszék is one of the last breeders of the Kisbér breed, which has its roots in the Oltszem.

The minister said that the current event complements the series of four stallions that previously moved to Transylvania from four different Hungarian national parks to breed Transylvanian horses. As he said, we have known since Széchenyi that the Carpathian Basin is an excellent breeding place for horses, and it is time for the Hungarians to find a leading place in horse breeding in the world once again. According to the minister, we are on the right track, as there is a new turn in Hungary, more and more private farms are successfully breeding horses, more and more Hungarian racehorses are registered in the world, and they can sell more and more horses at high prices. According to the minister, in five to ten years, Hungary will again be at the forefront of horse breeding.

To achieve this, the minister said, cooperation in the Carpathian Basin is also needed. He added that in Transylvania, for example, there are more horses than in Hungary, so, as he put it, “it is also important for our fellow citizens of Transylvania to help raise the genetic level of the number of horses here.”

Romanian Sports Minister Eduard Karoly Novak was also present at the event, who told Hungarian public media that “we are slowly recovering the lost equestrian culture in the Carpathian Basin”. He thanked the Hungarian government for its support of the Hultem International Driving Contest and noted that thanks to tradition in Romania, Hungarians in Romania maintain the sport of driving that they feel and play with their heart and soul.

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