Control: Ultimate Edition - Players chew PS Plus for free

Control: Ultimate Edition – Players chew PS Plus for free

The IGN America They report that according to their feedback, a number of Control players have expressed their dissatisfaction with Sony and game maker Remedy Entertainment. As we’ve written these days, PlayStation Plus subscribers, among other things, will be given Control: Ultimate Edition for free in February, which many are delighted with. Aside from those who had bought the game on PlayStation before, well, they weren’t in the mood to hear the news.

Control’s 505 Games set the mood last year when it announced that Control: Ultimate Edition would be the only version of the game to come with a free version of the next-generation game (although a technical glitch revealed that wasn’t the only way to do it) .). After postponing the next-generation release to 2021, many people have bought this “ultimate release” for the PS4, thinking they will be able to keep playing on the PS5. This has only been pushed by many because the PS4 version of the Ultimate Edition hasn’t been precisely priced on the PlayStation Store for a long time.

However, it was later announced that when the PS5 version of the Ultimate Edition was released (February 2), it would be given to PS Plus subscribers for free on the same day. And it is inconvenient for those who recently paid for the game. Many noted that when Shark Maneater was free for PS Plus subscribers in January, Sony paid off those who bought it in December. In Control’s case, however, no such compensation has been announced yet.

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It also didn’t make the Control players happy to just be Remedy employees Referred to two days agoPS4 backups will not be available with the PS5 release. The reason is that the two versions are very different.

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