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Continuing to shoot Avatar has caused turmoil in New Zealand as it has garnered political advantages

Continuing to shoot Avatar has caused turmoil in New Zealand as it has garnered political advantages

Recently, filming for Avatar movies, which was interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, may have resumed. Crew members are back at the scene and after two weeks of voluntary quarantine, they can already start meaningful work on site or in the studio. However, the New Zealanders were not happy about this, saying James Cameron had been unfairly granted the privilege.

a Movieweb According to his report, the anger arose from the fact that New Zealand still has border restrictions and restrictions imposed, so Hollywood products, for example, can only cross borders with special government permission. This permission / privilege was also granted to Avatar Film crew. For him representatives of other sectors fight tormentedly. David Newman, leader of the center-right ACT party in New Zealand, also criticized the government’s move, saying it was a breakthrough with New Zealand workers and benefactors of power James Cameron. Which indicates that anyone who has good relations with the government can obtain permission to enter.

According to reports, 9 out of 10 permits were refused, which is not a good percentage. Avatar movies are great productions, create lots of jobs for locals as well, and boost the economy. Many don’t even have a problem with this, as there is a need to boost the economy once the epidemic subsides. For example, National Party spokeswoman Judith Collins says the problem is that government regulations are possible, and it is not clear who, when and why he can obtain permission to enter the country. In this way, it appears as if different persons or groups are treated differently, and even smaller economic actors are disenfranchised. Although filming another unnamed major Hollywood production in New Zealand was in danger.

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According to the Department of Business, Innovation and Employment, everyone will obtain a border crossing permit if they meet the requirements, which means, among other things, that they can create job opportunities for around 600 New Zealand citizens.

Avatar movies, now filmed 11 years ago, are slowly but surely approaching the finish line, and the first thing that can be seen, of course, is Avatar 2 in Cinema: It premieres on December 17, 2021. Recently, David Thewlis said interesting things Not only about his role, but also about making the movie.

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