Continuing investments and the economy is strengthening - economy - news

Continuing investments and the economy is strengthening – economy – news

At the general meeting today, the mayor said that despite the coronavirus, Kaposvár’s economy is stable and developing. Karoly Szeta emphasized that this also indicates the level of business tax revenue, although half of the tax, 680 million HUF, remained with the companies last year. Two industrial complexes have also been filled, new areas are opened, and the infrastructure of the industrial areas is being renewed, which will increase their competitiveness. Investments began last year and urban policy objectives will continue to be implemented.

The goals we set in 2019 that we want to achieve by 2030 will be achieved. Today, almost everyone has a job in this city. Profits are getting better. People from Kaposvar are becoming healthier. The mayor of Kaposvar said at the general meeting: Sarah Karoly.

There will be a great deal of family perks and discounts again this year, and a new nursery is set to be on Dániel Street. The health house will soon start working in the citizen’s home with the aim of preventing and encouraging participation in examinations. The city’s green heating plant is under construction, and five city enterprises are embarking on a $2 billion energy regeneration.

The General Assembly also decided to hand over the former dormitory building on Viraj Street to the Ministry of Defense, so that a military dormitory and a high school could be operated in it.

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