Continental is getting into developing self-driving trucks

Continental is investing its decades of experience in developing safe and reliable automotive systems in manufacturing the Aurora driver and hardware package and implementing a new backup system. In the event of a primary autonomous system failure, a backup system allows the self-driving truck to perform the driving task until it is in a safe position. In addition, Continental is also responsible for the full lifecycle of the fleet of standalone devices that are delivered to the Aurora Driver.

Production of the Aurora Driver is expected to begin in 2027. Aurora Driver’s subscription truck service, Aurora Horizon, will launch in 2024. The system will be available first to US carriers, so it could become more widely available in the future as costs fall.

The decisive step

Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer said in the company’s press release that Continental is responsible for the development of autonomous driving system clusters and implementation of the Aurora Autonomous Backup System with its leading technology expertise. The combination of efficiencies creates the first commercially scalable autonomous truck system, he added, and is “a critical step toward autonomous mobility.”

According to Chris Urmson, co-founder and CEO of Aurora, self-driving vehicles will dramatically change modern means of transportation, making them safer and more efficient, which also enhances the transportation of passengers and goods.

Increased security and faster delivery

Due to the constant pressure on the global supply chain, autonomous trucking systems will meet the growing demand around the world. Autonomous trucks can move around the clock, making it possible, for example, to transport goods from Berlin to Madrid in 24 hours. As a result, fuel consumption will decrease by about ten percent, while delivery time can be shortened by up to a third.

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According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.35 million people die on public roads each year, which, according to Continental, shows the potential of self-driving vehicles to make roads safer.

Self-driving is offered as a service

Continental contributes to the development of the autonomous driving system with its extensive range of automotive products (sensors, automated driving control units, high-performance computers, telematics modules) as well as a backup system. Continental integrates the hardware components into the modules, which it supplies to Aurora vehicle manufacturing partners.

Continental and Aurora will offer their self-driving solutions based on hardware-as-a-service through the Aurora Horizon platform, for a fee based on the kilometers traveled.

Among other things, hardware items supplied by Continental will be manufactured at the company’s new plant in New Braunfels, Texas.

in Hungary, continental The technology company is present with an artificial intelligence development center that adapts to future automotive trends, a vehicle dynamics development center and test track, six factories, and a regional tire trading center. In Hungary, the company employs about 8,000 employees. Continental makes an ongoing and significant contribution to improving traffic safety and protecting the global climate. It does it all by providing brake systems, drivetrain and chassis components, and infotainment solutions, as well as developing vehicle electronics and elastomer products, manufacturing industrial transmission solutions, and selling tyres. The Continental Group is present in Hungary with all three business segments. ContiTech’s automotive, tire and industrial solutions provider companies are active in Budapest, Budaures, Macau, Nyiregyhaza, Szeged, Vac and Veszprém.

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