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It has been said many times that the RTS genre is not a console genre. It is very rare for a game like this to be created for consoles as well as PC. Now, however, fans can prepare for such a case, which is Company of Heroes 3 his fans. the entertainment remains And in a new video, he showed what WWII strategy would be like on console.

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Company of Heroes 3 Test - Winning, for the third time in a row

Company of Heroes 3 Test – Winning, for the third time in a row

We have waited a long time for the uncrowned king of this kind to return – it was worth it.

In the new preview, we can see how the full tactical stop function, which helps with control and planning, will work. Thanks to this, players can stop the time in the game at any time to review the battlefield, make the right decisions and issue the necessary commands. The creators have designed a completely new and redesigned user interface, which fully corresponds to the capabilities of the consoles.

The console version of Company of Heroes 3 will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on May 30th. Not only does the boxed version include the Devil’s Brigade DLC along with the base game, but players also get an exclusive embroidered patch, metal case, collector’s book, and double-sided map.

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