Congratulations guys! After a hat-trick, today we are fourth in the league! – News from Szeged

In the NBII Football Championship, Szeged finished in the prestigious 4th place after beating Nyíregyháza 3-1 away today.

Let’s be honest: every Szeged football fan would agree that our city really needs a top-class team. We can be more confident, the infrastructure is built, our team is doing better and better in the league.

In the last home match, we saw amazingly beautiful scenes at Szeged, and we beat Germut, who was still ahead of us at the time. After that, we just thought we had to beat Nyíregyháza away from home, and that we’d have a place behind the podium.

Not everything was settled in the first half: the two teams retired tied 1-1. Before the match, we learned that MTK Budapest won 2-1 in Germut, so we will definitely finish 4th in the league. But the guys from Szeged wanted to show that the goal is always to win in all circumstances!

We pressed constantly, we advanced, and then the home team equalized with a penalty because of a hand. In the dressing room, the Szeged fans tensed even more, and at the beginning of the second half, after a corner kick by Denis Zakali, Norbert Kondrak hit the ball, which ended up in front of Palace Rakes, who took advantage of the opportunity. an opportunity. We were driving again.

The final goal of the hat-trick was scored after a beautiful attack: after Christian Jerici’s pass to the ankle, Palace rushed into the goal, and then sent it to Bens Pero, who hit the ball with a brilliant movement. Thanks to our victory, we finished fourth in the championship with 64 points. Final result: NYÍREGYHÁZA SPARTACUS – SZEGED-CSNÁD GA 1–3 (1–1)

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Dioscure won the championship, MTK finished second, and Ajka won the bronze medal for the third podium finish. Therefore, we scored 2 points less than last year, but with this result we finished fourth.

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