Confirmed: A new Samsung mobile phone is coming with a replaceable hub

Confirmed: A new Samsung mobile phone is coming with a replaceable hub

It was very easy to replace the hub of the phone, I just closed the back cover and already had access to the battery. However, today these devices have almost completely disappeared, and they are usually glued to the back cover, so most often we refer to them for service. Fortunately, there are a few other exceptions, and now Samsung makes such a strange phone, and it’s probably to the delight of many.

We have previously reported several times that a new generation of powerful XCover mobile phone is coming, called Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, whose user manual has now been leaked. Shows a mobile schematic diagram, buttons and ports are local and removable.

It would be easy to detach the back of the phone, giving you easy access to the battery, just like with older phones. Not only could it save us from service in the event of a battery failure, but we could also increase uptime if they had spare parts. This can come in handy during long hikes, multi-day camping, and camping.

By the way, the phone will be well equipped with ports and buttons, in addition to USB-C we will also get a jack connector, and in addition to the standard buttons there will be an additional XCover side button and another additional button, functions that we will probably be able to choose from.

So the XCover 6 Pro will be a rugged and waterproof smartphone that will be accompanied by a tablet with similar qualities, the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro.

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