Conclusion: This is how you manage your affairs in Vodafone

Conclusion: This is how you manage your affairs in Vodafone

The company announced that Vodafone Hungary may open its doors during the restrictions period between March 8 and 22, but only information and communication technology equipment repair service and related customer service activities are open.

Based on the relevant government decree a Vodafone Hungary The telecommunications company said its stores may be open during the announced restrictions between March 8 and 22, but only for the purpose of ICT equipment repair services and related customer service activities.

The service provider requires its customers to visit the shops only in urgent cases related to the services mentioned above, and in all cases, in compliance with health regulations.

The company still recommends the My Vodafone app or web interface for general management, such as bill payments and purchases.

Vodafone Hungary also draws attention to the fact that after the government completes the government decree issued in November last year on measures to support families participating in digital education in primary education, in March it will provide free education to primary school students and teachers online. Home internet access. For affected clients The company will add the invoice for the month of March for the subscription fee for the Internet access service for a period of one month to the subscription address if requested by those concerned in the interfaces of the service provider. The company will automatically add the March monthly fee discount for eligible customers who previously indicated their need.

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