Compared to Callisto Protocol, Dead Space will look like Sunday morning

Compared to Callisto Protocol, Dead Space will look like Sunday morning


The game will be tougher and weirder than its intellectual predecessor, at least that’s what the developers promise.

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Recently, we were finally able to get a closer look at what the game is like After that time, this question will be closed The studio is approaching the end of the year Callisto ProtocolAnd the. The team secretly wants to pay tribute to Dead Space, which seems right based on the visuals and gameplay shown so far.

From the founders of the studio and director of the game, Glenn Scofield He (who also worked at Dead Space at the time) spoke in an interview with Eurogamer about how cruel and bloody the Callisto Protocol can be. The team wrote a separate engine to visualize the point in the game and transform characters. Muscles and bones appear, and due to the application process, the whole thing feels as if everything is wet and sticky. During the fight, we can tear off shreds and parts of their bodies, and sometimes even half of their faces.

The Callisto Protocol took place in 2320 on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. A prison called the Black Iron has been built here, and player-managed Jacob Lee also arrives here. In prison, then, only hideous mutant creatures appear and begin to hunt down the people who live there. It turns out that the prison director is responsible for all this.

Callisto Protocol is slated for a December 2 release for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. ■

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Callisto Protocol

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