Commentators went to Emilio's wife

Commentators went to Emilio’s wife

She went through an amazing transformation recently Tina And the EmilioWho shed dozens of extra pounds in recent months. Change their lifestyle They were praised midway through, but there are also those who make negative comments during the couple’s posts.

It’s a bit like a bunny joke, if we’re wearing a hat, if not, then it is. When we were significantly overweight, there were critics always urging us to lose weight. It wasn’t because of them, but because of our health that we decided to change our lifestyle, which also brought our pounds down. However, there are those who are in trouble now. Commentators have emerged who say the new photos look skinny, wrinkled, shabby, and weight loss just isn’t good for us.Said Tina, puzzled, sees only the downsides of their previous dominance.

The couple sold out a lot, many congratulate them on their results, but there are also those who write negative reviews / photo: SlágerTV

When we had a little extra, we loved each other just as much as we did now. However, our well-being is much better now! We move more easily, feel better, and as a woman, it’s okay to wear such a dress than to wear 20 lbs. I look at myself as a stranger in very old photos I still weigh more than 100 kg. Now, with a minus 27 kg behind me, I’m better than ever, and those who don’t like me aren’t excited at all.Tina, who has lost as much weight as Emilio, admitted.

“I weighed 168 kg too, but now I’m 80! The pre-school group has managed to lose weight and while the majority have praised our weight loss, there are really commenters who don’t like it that way. There’s nothing wrong with that, just think. On the other hand. Our health is sure to thank you for the change, we feel comfortable in our skin. I’ve loved getting dressed so far, but that’s way better. And if the gyms could open, I would out myself! Emilio added in My Dear Family on SlagerTV.

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