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Comment on ajoute-t-on des sports aux olympiques? -Team Canada

Comment on ajoute-t-on des sports aux olympiques?  -Team Canada

AP Photo/Jay Si Hong-Mark Blench/COC

At the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, nine sports were introduced and 241 athletes (all men) competed in 43 events. On the other hand, 32 sports will be presented at Paris 2024, with a total of 329 events and a total of 10,500 athletes (with gender parity!).

Over the years, many aspects of the Olympic program have evolved over a century of development in sport. There are sports, competitions and experiences that the whole world associates with the Olympic Games, such as the marathon, by virtue of its history and connection to the Olympic heritage. But at Tokyo 2020, sports such as surfing, skiing and sport climbing have been integrated into the Olympic program in the hope of finding a good balance between the pole of history and tradition and the pole of innovation and youth. In Paris 2024, downhill will begin its infancy as an Olympic sport.

Une B-Girl in full performance.
Emma d’Équipe Canada takes part in the Breaking quarterfinals at the B-Girls Games at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires // Photo: Ian Walton for OIS/CIO.

Well, a comment on the new sports, are they an addition to the Olympic program?

Before answering this question, take a little time to clarify some time.

In the Olympic universe, every ancient sport is presented by the International Federation alone. These are water sports run by World Aquatics, and they are unique. Within these sports, we find disciplines that most people consider separate sports – swimming, diving, water polo, and artistic swimming. To observe the name, select the sports d’hiver destination. Everything under the umbrella of the Islamic Salvation Front, the International Figure Skating Federation, is considered a sport. The sport includes six different Olympiad disciplines, including alpine skiing, acrobatic skiing, snowboarding, snowboarding, combined nordic skiing, and snowboarding.

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In 2014, the IT Director created Olympic Agenda 2020 in order to protect Olympic values ​​and enhance the role of sport in a world of constant change. This significantly indicates that the COJOs (Organising Committees of the Olympic Games) are relying on proposing only new sports to make the Games happen. But it was in favor of youth influence, balance between genres and innovation.

The Canadian women's softball team is famous for its terrain.
Canada celebrates the softball bronze medal it won over Mexico at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Tuesday, July 27, 2021. Photo by Mark Blinch/COC

Tokyo 2020 is the first COJO tournament that can capitalize on this level, allowing baseball/softball to return to the Olympic program like karate, skiing, surfing and sport climbing in its early OX games. COJO game and offers its suggestions for six years before starting its games. Although COJO may propose additional sports, it will not be able to raise the level of sports in the Olympic programme.

All sports that have adopted and passed the World Anti-Doping Code and are registered by the International Federation can be integrated into the Olympic Programme. The proposed program is being tested by the CIO’s Olympic Program Committee, which Subsequent responsibilities :

  • Develop a sports program that increases the popularity of the games moderately in terms of costs and complexity of organization;
  • Ensure that the Olympic program is of interest to young people while respecting tradition and history;
  • An in-depth evaluation of sports proposals and international federations;
  • In respect of the principles of the Olympic Agenda.

The sports themselves are evaluated 35 criteria grouped into five categories :

  • Olympic proposal
    • Competition format, names of athletes, officials and facilities
  • Added value to the Olympic movement
    • Legs, increase the interest of young people
  • Institutional questions
    • Respect for the l’AMA symbol, the foundation of the International Federation, the name of the world champions
  • popularity
    • Selling tickets, media attention to previous world championships, and investment by the population of the host country
  • Sample task
    • Potential, additional revenue prior to the Olympic Games
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After completing the test, the next bar prepares an executive committee of the CIO to support the proposal, thus presenting it at the occasion of the CIO session in order to implement the goal. Last vote. Within the terms of the renewal, it was stated that Tokyo 2020 would be shown in September 2015 and received approval for the IT Director’s session in early 2016.

Daniel Jacinski performs in the competition.
Canadian Daniel Jacinski attacks Saudi Arabia’s Tariq Hamidi as he qualifies for the men’s kumite 75-plus kg finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, on August 7, 2021. Photo by Darren Calabrese/COC.

When a sport is new, it doesn’t necessarily mean getting a permanent home for the games. For example, softball/baseball and karate are included in the program for Tokyo 2020, but are not proposed for inclusion in Paris 2024. l’escalade sportive et le surf, in addition to the proposal for speed breaking. Suggested inclusions and exclusions depend on the levels of popularity and interest of the host sports.

The other sports that we have a habit of watching are all considered “major sports” and are generally not off-programme topics. Possibly a day of Olympic games without borders, athletics or gymnastics, for example, all sports that were initially discussed in Athens 1896.

What can change is the training program for these basic sports. This is how Paris reaches parity between men and women. In the last ten years in the environment, game and game readiness programs have been gradually modified to ensure that they balance masculine and feminine predispositions.

Andrian Langlois climbs into the air to celebrate after a kayak course.
Canadian Adrienne Langlois competes in the quarterfinals of the women’s K-1200m kayak race at the 2020 Olympic Games, Monday, August 2, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

For example, most recently at Rio 2016, the speed kayak showed that it was male and only four before female, while there were three male and only one female in the slalom canoe kayak. At Tokyo 2020, all women will compete in Type 1 slalom races in six rounds of speed and two rounds of slalom, allowing women to compete in regattas. There is a new adjustment for Paris 2024 after the speed program was reduced to five years of type to allow me to help my kayak journey through the men’s and women’s slalom program.

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Voilà Comment on access to ajouter des sports aux Jeux olympiques! According to you, what is the next sport that should be suggested?

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