Commander: The army is ready to protect the Hungarian people

Commander: The army is ready to protect the Hungarian people

The Hungarian army chief told public media on Saturday after returning home from his official visit to the United States, that the army is ready to protect the Hungarian people if anything happens around us.

Ruthenian Cindy Romulus He said he was negotiating in Washington, the federal capital of the United States Mark Millie General, Chairman of the Joint Committee of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff, and with Jaspar Maruthparticipated in a military technology demonstration with the Hungarian Commissioner for Defense Development and visited the Hungarian community in Buffalo.

When asked whether and how the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was discussed at the trial, the commander replied that the two military leaders had thought together on this issue. Both sides consider it important to reduce tensions.

The United States has its own intelligence, he said, as do we, “but one thing we must not forget: We live here, Ukraine is our neighbour, and the United States is on the other side of the ocean.”

Roszen-Zinde Romulus added that the current situation could be handled by the Hungarian armed forces, and at the moment there were only action plans for all other emergency situations.

This means that the Hungarian armed forces are preparing for possible courses of action,

Tell. When asked if American soldiers can come to Hungary, he answered that the annual NATO training program continues, as before, foreign soldiers come to Hungary this year, and our soldiers participate in exercises abroad.

Jaspar Maruth, the government commissioner in charge of defense procurement, spoke about the fact that they took part in a live demonstration of an artillery rocket launcher system in the United States. He added that the creation of this capability is one of the ideas of the development of the Hungarian force, and there are many candidates at the moment, and the American device is one of the medium and long-range missile launch units under development.

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