Comes with Netflix Recommended TVs

There are two criteria that must be met in order for someone to obtain a Netflix Marketing rating.

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Netflix, the internet content provider, is already an inevitable factor and its subscriber count continues to grow. Televisions are very important to the company, as most people watch movies and series through these devices, the company has recently developed a benchmarking system for the recommended Netflix rating.


That is, if the model meets these, Netflix will officially recommend it to end users. Obviously, this also has serious marketing value, as there are sure to be many who would make the buying decision based on that. These are standards for usability and the Netflix app, so they don’t affect picture and audio quality. For example, a TV might be rated “app launches and launches quickly, takes a few seconds”, has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control, or has the latest Netflix app and supports the latest features. This year, LG TVOS 4.0 smart TVs were the first to receive the rating (the Sony XF80 series is also mentioned in some pages, but On Netflix No trace).

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