Although the actor hasn’t played all he wanted, he no longer wants to come back and therefore doesn’t suffer from heartache.

Peter Hamann does not return to the stage – he writes Színhá Referring to his conversation on the ATV Puller. Kossuth and the two-time Jászai Mari award-winning actor for his most famous work on the show, III. He also thought again of the role of Richard or Socrates.

When asked why he was not taught, he replied that although he was asked before 1989, he was later told “we can’t solve it”. The actor said in this way that the teachers of that time did not like to have someone with a different mentality come among them. He wasn’t invited much later, but he didn’t go. According to him, he would not have been able to make a decision about the youngsters that he did not really come with because his opinion was completely different.

Speaking about the final years of the Katuna Joseph Theatre, he said he was unhappy. It was good theater, he stressed, but “they couldn’t really manage it” even though there was still strength in it. Peter Hamann finally made it clear that there is no sense of inferiority in him, although he did not play everything he wanted, he no longer wanted to return, and therefore his heart was not hurt.

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