Collar twins weren't happy with the bronze match against each other

Collar twins weren’t happy with the bronze match against each other

Sebestyén Kollár, a 15-year-old juggler supported by the MOL Foundation, won a bronze medal in the 50kg field at the recently concluded Riga European Youth Championships, where he had to compete with his twin brother, Ágaston Kollár, on the podium.

The most memorable moment from the Hungarian point of view at the last European Youth Championship in Riga was when the 15-year-old duo of the Ledényi Judo team, Sebastian Collar And Augustine Kolar Fighting each other for the bronze between 50 pounds. Sebestyén finally managed to climb to the third tier of the podium, Ágoston took fifth place.


The boys have previously admitted that if they face each other in a race, they don’t fight each other live, but someone “gives up” the match.

“Basically, our plan was to both go down the field, get into the finals, and there we’ll decide which one of us is going to give up the finals for the other. I had a pretty tough draw, and our initial idea was soaked in my second game, where I came out before – winner later – Hasanov from Azerbaijan I met this Azerbaijani already in the European Cup this year, and even then, this time in the European Championship, I only came out of it with gestures, which is definitely an encouraging sign that I will compete with the best. After the defeat I collected myself well and was able to reach Bronze match Happy Sebastian for youth sports.

Ágoston Kollár (in blue) and Sebestyén on either side of the coach, Levente Ledényi • Source: EJU

In this class – like Hasanov – he consumes as much as 54-55 pounds to 50 pounds on race day, while the collar boys weigh in at 47 and 49 pounds on race. In addition, talents in their first youth are usually set against Judas a year or two older than them. Augustine was finally able to fight for third place with his brother after a semi-final defeat against Russian Mustafiny.

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“We weren’t really happy to be facing each other. It would have been better if we had the chance to win separate medals, so at least it became guaranteed that one of us would be on the podium, and overall, the bronze and fifth place performance was good as well.” Happy Augustine.

Before the bronze match, the brothers agreed that Augustine would “give up” the match, and discussed the choreography of how the fight would develop.

“As always, we’ve talked about it now, we’ve trained almost completely for the fight, we pretty much planned how long it will take, and then eventually Sebi wins by pressing Follow Augustine. – In the last European Cup in Bucharest, I took first place, Seppi third, and based on that we decided that my brother now has a better result.”

Sebastian is confident that in the coming years he will be able to get an even brighter medal at the European Championships.

“It was a great feeling to be on the podium in such a challenging field at such a young age and hopefully next year we will be there among the medalists and even on the top two steps of the podium. Now we will take a break and be back to work from September.”

Recently, even before the European Championships, the boys were filmed on M4 Sport’s Future! magazine staff.

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