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Coffee with olive oil? This already exists

Coffee with olive oil?  This already exists

A few days ago, the Starbucks coffee chain introduced its latest creation, an Arabica coffee enriched with Sicilian olive oil. For now, it’s been introduced in Italy, but the latest flavor combination will soon be released on a world tour.

Oleato – this is the name of the new Starbucks product. Coffee enriched with Sicilian extra virgin olive oil appears in the American chain’s Italian coffee shops. If Italians loved coffee flavored with olive oil, it would soon be different

The new product also reaches countries.

The coffee drink that combines extraordinary flavors is none other than Arabica coffee skilfully enriched with a spoonful of cold-pressed Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

According to the brew makers, the result is a smooth, velvety coffee that’s sweet and subtle and enriches every cup with a special new taste and texture.

It’s an experience that can’t be compared to anything else – this is how the Starbucks brand characterizes the latest coffee invention Howard Schultz, the company’s interim CEO. Italians have been familiar with its taste for a few days now.

In constant search of inspiration, Starbucks unveiled a family tradition that has existed for generations in some regions of Italy: the spirit-lifting ritual of a daily spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. This led Starbucks to Partana, an Italian extra virgin olive oil brand with more than 100 years of history, dedicated to making extra virgin olive oil.

– When creating the beverage, we drew inspiration from the rich heritage and origin story of coffee and olive oil – two of nature’s most superior ingredients.

By flavoring the coffee with olive oil, we got a soft, velvety and rich texture. The rich, buttery flavor of the olive oil pairs perfectly with the smooth, chocolatey flavors of the coffee, said amy dillger, senior beverage developer at starbucks.

If the somewhat unusual pairing wins the taste of coffee lovers, we can meet these in Starbucks coffee shops:

  • Olito Cafe Latte: Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, a delicately roasted coffee that’s smooth and slightly sweet, is enriched with Partana Extra Virgin Olive Oil and steamed with creamy oat milk to create a smooth, velvety, lush latte.
  • Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Cold Brew: A cool foam, rich in the enticing aroma of Partana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, slowly flows through the dark, smooth, cool brew, lending the drink a slightly sweet taste.
  • Iced espresso and shaken Ollito: The flavor of this coffee drink is layered and sweetened with hazelnut, rich espresso and creamy oat milk enriched with Partana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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